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Founded in 2005, our group provides a one-stop solution from creation to completion. Offering everything you need for your concept, designing, digital printing, offset printing, large format printing, visual merchandising, promotional items, corporate gifts, trophies & awards. We take your ideas from the drawing board to your prospect’s door.We have got dedicated, knowledgeable team to fulfil above mentioned jobs efficiently and our services are being patronized by leading corporate houses, business organizations, public and private sector organizations.Our PhilosophyIn a world driven by and towards convergence, Saksham Marketing appreciates the need among organizations today for integrated marketing. Our philosophy is influenced by this truth, and has led us to reorganize our setup such that we offer a homogenous mix today of creativity, business strategy, technological ability, and media design to offer the best-of-breed branding solutions to our clients. Our enduring philosophy has been to combine skill-sets seamlessly to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the specific requirements of our client.Our TeamWe believe our corporate philosophy is best reflected in our choice of team members and our investments in continuous training. We pride ourselves in our core team of talented and multi-faceted professionals. We understand that the ability to, say, design alone is no longer enough in today’s world. A designer needs to be able to perceive the needs of a specific business setup, and should be able to translate this understanding into visual design and architecture that builds on and furthers the core requirements of the client.
Saksham Marketing also conducts regular trans-disciplinary training sessions, exposing its teams to the theories and practices of different areas of expertise. This leads to a gradual understanding of the nuances of all aspects of our work, leading to a much better ability to serve the client team more effectively.
This mix of talent and training leads, predictably, to a long list of satisfied clients on hand, and to a secure and confident team bustling with talent and drive. We are proud of the fact that many of our team members have been with us for many years, and intend to spend many more happy years enriching our offerings with their talent. To these team members, Saksham Marketing owes a strong debt of gratitude and thanks. These are our backbone; these are Saksham Marketing.  Our ServicesSaksham Marketing offers a complete bouquet of branding & identity, advertising, and marketing services, effectively addressing all your business-development needs.
With our dedicated account managers following up on your needs on a regular basis, and a team of qualified and experienced professionals engaged in creating newer and better material to further your advertising / presence campaigns, you can be sure that your promotions receive the kind of sensitive and capable handling you always wanted.
Saksham Marketing offers the following core services:


  • Offset Printing Solutions

  • Digital Printing and Signage Solutions

  • Corporate Gifts and Novelties


Your brand is the face of your company; your logo, your signage, your captions, etc. are part of a complex set of items and concepts that form your company’s identity. In a rapidly globalizing market, appropriate branding and identity can help you compete capably at the global level, lifting up your organization’s name among the top names in your chosen area of expertise.
Saksham Marketing offers comprehensive corporate branding and identity services in a structured and yet creative manner driven by your core offerings and positioning brief. We help you identify your target audiences and then offers you a range of options in terms of strategy, design, content, positioning, architecture, etc., forming gradually an identity that your clients can identify and associate with.

Saksham Marketing has been known for its ability to create rich, effective, target-driven and result-oriented advertising - In door and Out door. Saksham Marketing has the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality advertising content that meets your specific needs.

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